Rick's BJJ Patches


Even though nowadays technology reigns supreme and basically every once in a while a new type of printing method is discovered, most Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school owners still prefer the good old embroidered patches that even their grandfather got used to.

When doing a search for Gi patches in Google, you'll notice that most companies focus on printing these and only a few have began to produce only sublimated patches, which have been proven multiple times already to be better and stronger.

We also decided to select a very nice video where the author explains the easy way to make embroidered patches for beginners and talks about several specific aspects related to this particular technology.

We are also going to list a few companies on this particular page that provide custom embroidered patches for sale (I think most do wholesale as well), in case you stumbled on this page and need a few hundreds produce. By the way, we still recommend sublimated ones! :D

Top companies that produce embroidered patches:
1. http://www.custompatches.net/
2. http://www.embroidered-patches.co.uk/ (if you're from the UK, but it really doesn't matter)
3. http://www.americanpatch.com/ (for all you patriots out there!)

And a good article for your general knowledge needs:
4. http://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/oct/03/shady-characters-ampersands-keith-houston-review

"Men are made in different shapes and sizes with different athletic ability, Jiu Jitsu makes us all equal."

- Helio Gracie